Are you ready to boost your confidence on parenting around social issues?

Hi, my name is Carlene Bauwens. I am a Certified Life Coach and and a parent like you.

I've been supporting families managing challenges related to ADHD and social anxiety.

No matter how many families I've helped, it never feels like I've even made a dent in reaching all the families who are desperately seeking support around these challenges. 

I have been so blessed to have discovered a way to support my kids. I will never forget where I started. 

Social anxiety was at an all-time high in our house for years.

I read books, gave my kids some well-meaning but very bad social advice.

The college years were approaching fast. I felt paralyzed....not sure of what was really going on for my kids...not sure what to do...not sure what to say...not sure how to connect...not sure of how to help my kids, but desperately wanting to. 

As parents, we want to make a difference. We hurt when our kids hurt.

If you're anything like me, you:

  • Watch your kids hide behind video games or binge-watch Netflix instead of hanging out with other kids.
  • Fear your kids are making poor friend choices.
  • Are scared your kid will be alone and lonely forever. 
  • Gave well-meaning advice that made things worse for your kids. 
  • Are frustrated, confused and exhausted as raising a child with ADHD is not what you signed up for.
  • Can't even imagine how your kid will ever have the confidence to navigate life without you.

You feel at a loss most days. 

Your heart breaks just a little bit more each time your kids are rejected by others. 

I know. I have been there.

I'm here to tell you there is a way to get through and get to the other side. 

Your kids don't have to suffer through the social MAZE of life forever. 

YOU can make all the difference.

I've got good news!

I'm no longer worried about those things for my kids. And here is why. 

I discovered that using a coach-approach and improving my Social Intelligence (S-IQ) was the secret sauce to supporting my kids socially. 

It just so happens that the skills used to make and keep friends are the same life skills needed to launch successfully into adulthood. 

Can you imagine your kid as an adult: 

Asking his boss for a raise? 

Telling a doctor his symptoms so he can get proper medical treatment? 

Making his own appointments? 

Challenging the credit card company on a fraudulent charge? 

Advocating for himself with a college professor? 

Returning an item to the store?

These are all life skills and making and keeping friends is the first building block.

I decided to take the compiliation of my learnings from my life experiences, Coaching a countless number of parents and kids, and my research and training on social anxiety, ADHD and today's social dynamics and put it into a format that other families could benefit from.

Are you ready to boost your confidence on parenting around social issues?

Introducing to you 

This isn't just a course. It's a combination of instruction and live coaching that takes you by the hand teaching you the relevant social skills of today and an approach to connect with your kids on these very sensitive issues.

Social-IQ Coaching provides the support you need to support your family on social skills today so they will launch into adulthood successfully tomorrow. 

Easy to follow lessons? Check

Supportive community of parents who get what you're dealing with? Check

Personal Coaching? Check

On-going Access to Course Content? Check



Details of the 6 Course modules are below. In addition to the 6 Course Modules you will also get the following:  

  • 3 Live Q&A sessions. You can submit your questions ahead of time.  
  • On-line Coaching through the course portal as you participate in answering the Coaching questions sprinkled throughout the course.  
  • Self-paced learning. There are 6 modules. Beginning the week of March 4th, 2019 we will release one module per week. We’re giving this to you in small digestible pieces so you can stay focused and make progress. Work the modules at your own pace once they are each released.  
  • Live Q&A sessions recorded and added to the course portal for you to listen to at any time.  
  • A community of supportive parents who get what you’re going through. This is a unique opportunity for you to network with other parents, who have the same concerns for their kids.
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In this unique, effective program you will learn:

  • What specific executive functions are tripping up your kids socially.
  • The Social-IQ Coaching Model for handling ANY sticky social situation. 
  • When to Use the Social-IQ Coaching Model to get the best results.
  • How to build a solid foundation of trust with your kids so you can partner with them.
  • How to strategically use "social rules" to navigate today's complicated social landscape with confidence.
  • How to model social behaviors to teach your kids social anxiety management and much more. 

At the end of these 6 modules, you will:

  • Understand HOW you can help your kids launch into adulthood responsibly and confidently.
  • Reconnect with your kids and build a relationship of trust.  
  • Notice your kids are happier and more confident, and so are you. 
  • Gain clarity on how social anxiety is really showing up in your family and have the confidence to deal with it head-on.
  • Know when to step in and when to let go and give your kids the ropes to move towards independece. 
  • Be able to sleep at night knowing you are doing everything you can to have your kid's life skills locked and loaded. 

Here's What Other Parents Have to Say

"This course was excellent! It really made me aware of where my son is socially. You've given me a lot to think about and super-effective conversation starters with him. Great job!" ~Carla S. 

"The wealth of information you've provided and the confidence I've seen instilled in my daughter is priceless. Great job Carlene!" ~Kathy F.

"What I found is that I do interrupt my kids too much, assuming I know what they need based on what they say has happened. But after listening to your steps I realize I need to stop protecting them and let them talk." ~Elaine M. 

"Great advice! I can use this in a big way. This is where the difficulty currently is in our home." ~Leah S.

 I will teach you what I've learned. Here's What You Get: 

The Course

Live Q&A Calls



Module 1: KNOW What Triggers Social Anxiety And How It Shows Up...Before You Help 

You will discover:

  • The Origin and Causes of Social Anxiety
  • Social Anxiety Triggers
  • The Physical Symptoms of Social Anxiety
  • The Link Between Executive Function Challenges and Social Anxiety

Module 2: Building A Foundation of Trust

You will discover:

  • The difference between Parenting and Coaching.
  • The 5 behaviors/approaches you must apply to be an effective Coach and build trust.
  • 6 Mind Traps of Social Anxiety and What They Sound Like.
  • Your child's Social Motivation level compared to your own and Coach based on your child's social needs. 

Module 3: Learn The Social Landscape of Today and Where Your Teen Fits In

You will discover:

  • The different groups of social acceptance and where your child falls within these groups. (Some parents are very surprised by what they discover here. :)
  • The characteristics of a "good friend". 
  • How good of a friend your child is to others and if your child is making "good friend" choices.
  • The Link between your child's Executive Function Challenges and his ability to be a "good friend."

Module 4: Learn And Practice The Coaching Conversation

You will discover:

  • The language of Coaching and how to apply it to your child's specific challenge areas.
  • The 5 step Coaching Method 
  • How to identify Coachable Moments to apply the 5 Step Coaching Method at the most effective and impactful time.
  • How to Manage Your Emotions so you can "show up" as Coach. 

Module 5: Applying Today's Social Rules To The Coaching Conversation

You will discover:

  • How to normalize rejection for your child. 
  • The exact process to coach your child on to get started in 1:1 or group conversations.
  • The exact process to coach your child on to exit conversations without appearing rude or uncaring. 
  • The actual questions to use to help your child build awareness of his social behaviors. 

Module 6: Tools, Tips And Strategies To Practice Social Skills For Successful Launch Into Adulthood

You will discover:

  • The key life-skills areas beyond making and keeping and friends to focus on now!
  • A confidence in knowing when to use a parenting approach vs a coach approach. 
  • Real life situations where you and your kids can practice these new-found skills and build confidence.
  • The importance of modeling healthy social and life-skills for your kids.
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How much does it cost?

To be honest it was tough deciding how much to charge for a course like this. 

I want this to be available to as many families as possible. 

Social Intelligence Coaching was previously a live webinar course offered to a limited number of parents. I have a waiting list of parents for the course and I knew I had a to find a way to get the course to all of you faster and more effectively.

I invested in an on-line platform to host the course. This is important because it means: 

  • The course is available to you at any time to go back and watch the videos and review all the tools and exercises. 
  • When your youngest child needs support you can get a refresher on whatever you need at no additional cost! 
  • This course is yours for years to come. 
  • You get access to updated content at no extra charge!
  • You don't have to keep track of piles of emails to keep the content. It's all on-line, in one place. 

The price for the original Social-IQ live event was $297 and contained 5 learning modules. I've added to the course since then and it now has 6 modules. 

To keep this accessible to as many parents as possible, I've pondered this and decided to price it today for just $97. That's $200 in savings and you're getting more valuable content.

That works out to be less than $16 per module! 

As a parent, I know how much we spend on ballet and music classes and tutoring - which run between $30-90 per hour or per class. I spent $600 on an ACT prep course! I'm sure many of you have done the same. 

Studies have shown it doesn't matter if our kids are ready academically for college if they aren't ready socially and emotionally.  

They will come home. They will feel like they failed you and themselves. 

For a fraction of the price of an ACT prep class, you can prepare your kids with the life skills they will need far beyond the classroom.  

We have so many choices to make on where we use our resources. Invest in your kid's future in this unique way and watch them soar!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try S-IQ Coaching For Parents for 30 Days Risk Free.

What happens if you're not satisfied with your purchase?

If your are unsatisfied with your purchase within the first 30 days, just ask for a refund. 

Simply email me within 30 days of purchase to get your money back:

The only requirement is that you work the first two modules before requesting your refund. We only give refunds to people who give us a fair chance. :) Your commitment is important to the success of this program and there are no refunds for non-participation.

More About Your Coach

Carlene Bauwens works with people of all ages who are ready to move past their ADD/ADHD challenges, focus on their strengths and flourish in their personal, academic and business lives. 

As an ADHD Coach and parent, Carlene’s mission is to show people how ADHD is really impacting their family, to break the fail-and-punish cycle, and to embrace each other’s differences. 

The combination of her current experience as a business entrepreneur and past experience in the corporate world offer her clients the best of coaching in careers and leadership. Check out all of Carlene’s great resources on ADD/ADHD, executive functions, social skills, leadership and positivity at 

She is a contributing author to the best-selling books, “More Ways to Succeed with ADHD” and “Wacky Ways to Succeed with ADHD.” 

Carlene is a graduate of the ADD Coaching Academy. She is a professional member of the International Coaching Federation, ADD Coaching Organization (ACO), ADDA and CHADD. 

She is Certified in Life Coaching, ADHD Coaching, Positive Psychology, and as a Mental Health First Aid Responder. She successfully completed Executive Function training through Rush Neurobehavioral Center.  

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