What Can You Expect From This Program?

~Runs 5 Weeks 
~Start date based on reigstration date. 

~30 Minute Sessions

~Nationwide In Person or via, Phone, SKYPE, Google Hang Out, FaceTime.

~Flexibile Scheduling ~The earlier you register, the more flexibility for you :)

~Unlimited texting and email support throughout the program.

~Course materials –Throughout the program, handouts will be provided to reinforce all topics. Handouts may include articles, outlines, and checklists. Handouts will be provided in advance or immediately following session in electronic format.

Your Investment

Many people have been asking me to share this type of content and create a program like this for years.  

I'm thrilled to finally be able to share it with you.

But I'm a parent too. I understand you have to put your resources to their best use. 

I don’t want the expense to keep you from “Learning to Learn”! So I have kept this in mind to make this program accessible to more students.

Regularly $495, now only $397

I'm also including a SPECIAL BONUS:

~Free Client Driven Meeting - Provided at no extra cost at the completion of the 5 week program.

Why I Do What I Do?

I get it.

I personally know the heartbreak and frustration we all experience as parents when our kids are miserable and literally don't want to get up and go to school.

How awful it is for them to wake up every day to  go someplace where they know they'll feel like a failure....where they know they just don't measure up in the grade books...a place where they want to do better but they've never been taught HOW to do better.

Trying harder and working longer don't work. 

I see so many students diagnosed with anxiety and depression. It's become an epidemic. And, you know what? It does NOT have to be this way. 

I stumbled my way through helping my daughter who "survived" high school. She is now "thriving", adjusting, to her new life away at college. She's using these life skills, executive function skills every single day. 

My personal journey led me to being a Certifed Life Coach. I specialize in Executive Functions, ADHD and Career Coaching. 

No student, no family, should settle for a life full of academic induced stress and anxiety. There is a way out.  I know. My family came out the other side. And I can help your family do the same.